Rowlee Dining & Bar

Rowlee is a place for shared celebration set against the vines.

A place where we revel in the region’s winemaking roots and bountiful produce.

We thrive on breaking down borders and bringing people together through an informal, intimate food and drinks culture that is curious about the world we live in — it calls for slowness and connection, inspiring conversation, wanderlust, and laughter.

Here you can enjoy divine communal share-style dishes, delicious drinks, generous hospitality, big views, and cosy corners. Where slow, leisurely hours under the sun can transform into a night-time celebration.

Pull up a seat at one of the outdoor tables to gather with friends around generous sharing plates, or head inside to enjoy swish sips and snacks at the bar. Discover gorgeous gardens, luxurious interiors, and a relaxed ambience with gracious hosts and good vibes.